ZURBwired for Hunger

8am, Thursday, May 4, 2006 until 8:01am, Friday, May 5, 2006

From concept to completion in just one day.

Our 24-hour marathon at ZURB headquarters was a success. This team started the morning at 8 AM with precisely nothing built. We setup the project extranet and this blog to help document as we came up with concepts and then rapidly executed on them.

The fruits of all this labor? Tons of great stuff: a website, stickers, post cards, lunch bag stickers, and table tents teamed up with Village Printers; big and small posters and a t-shirt thanks to Zazzle's help.

The Offer

In November, of 2005, ZURB asked nonprofit connector Thrive Alliance to pass the ZURBwired opportunity along to their members. Here's what we sent them (pdf).

The Winning Cause

Second Harvest Food Bank of San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties convinced us that not only could they benefit from some marketing for their upcoming Tackle Hunger, Pass on Lunch event--but that they could also devote the resources to make it happen in 24 hours, and that they'd be able to take what we give them and keep running with it.

Tackle Hunger, Pass on Lunch!

Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties is encouraging everyone to pass on lunch on June 8th and donate the money they would have spent on lunch that day to the Food Bank.

The goals for the day are to raise money for Second Harvest and to allow people the opportunity to experience what it feels like to be hungry while trying to carry on normal daily activities such as work and family responsibilities. This locally-driven effort is in conjunction with National Hunger Awareness Day. Promotion for the campaign includes direct appeals to local companies and a PR-driven campaign directed towards the public sector.

Here's what they sent us. (Word doc)

Get Involved

So how can you get involved in all of the ZURBwired for Hunger goodness? Good question. You can:

  1. Stop by the office (and bring us some caffeine!): We're located in suite 100-A at 55 3rd Street, in beautiful downtown Campbell, California.
  2. Call us and wish us well at 408-341-0600.
  3. Send an e-mail to zurbwired@zurb.net, or an IM to zurbwired on Yahoo! messenger or zurbwired@msn.com on MSN messenger.
  4. Make a donation to Second Harvest Food bank: You can click here to do that.
  5. Sign up to be kept up-to-date for ZURBwired news and events, today and in the future: Input your mailing address here and we'll add you to the 'official' ZURBwired list.

The Blog

Who says you can't do a whole marketing campaign in 24 hours? Not ZURB! We'll be updating the blog throughout the whole ZURBwired event...and you can even check the time on the posts to make sure we're still awake!

We will be posting photos, project work, and video!


The link below will take you to the Second Harvest web site where you can make a secure donation online. Please, look into your heart and your wallet and make a donation today! You can click here to do that.


It's true...if you're looking at this between 8AM on Thursday, May 4 and 8:01AM on Friday, May 5 (2006, of course) we'll be awake and ready to talk with you. Here's how you can contact us:

Press and bloggers: Want to talk to a live person about what's happening? Contact Amy Hooker, our PR maven at:

  1. amy@mavencom.com
  2. mavencom on Yahoo! messenger or mavencom@msn.com on MSN messenger
  3. 910-297-5345 by phone

Folks interested in learning more about, or making a donation to Second Harvest: Your best bet is to talk to Lynn Crocker, Communications Manager. You can reach her at:

  1. lcrocker@shfoodbank.com
  2. 408-386-5748

Folks interested in bringing us coffee, wishing us well or asking us if we're sleepy yet, contact the ZURB offices at:

  1. zurbwired@zurb.com
  2. zurbwired on Yahoo! messenger or zurbwired@msn.com on MSN messenger
  3. 408-341-0600 by phone. If we don't answer, don't think we're sleeping--we're just busy. Leave a message!


Here is a list of our awesome partners!

Here's the blog and project extranet we setup in the morning and used all day, as well as a couple of videos to help document what went down.